For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Mississauga, ON

With regular vacuuming, people assume their carpeting is clean because it looks clean. However, hidden in the fibers are mold spores, pollen, dust, and dirt. This is because the fibers tend to trap these microscopic particles. Also concealed in the carpeting are grime, food particles, germs, and bacteria.

Carpet Being CleanedAt Breathe Better Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning, we know this is not the only reason your business or residence needs professional carpet cleaning regularly. For public areas, it should be cleaned at least a couple of times a year. For a home, it should be cleaned once a year. All carpeting benefits from deep steam cleaning. This removes pollutants and debris, freshens the smell of the fibers, and contributes to an extended life span.

As a carpet cleaner, we know accindents occur. People and pets come in and out —living, eating or accidental spills. This requires more than vacuuming; it demands a deep steam cleaning with professional equipment and eco-friendly products.

Count on our team to arrive on time and always put you first. We clean all types of carpeting and treat your business or property with respect. And, you’ll be pleased with the results—clean, fresh-smelling carpeting, free from allergens, pollutants, and germs.

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